Losing Neck Fat in The Country

Get rid of unwanted fat with ultrasound and slackened tissues in the neck and facial area gently without surgery

Was previously ultrasonic cavitation in the face and neck – particularly for double chin – not possible, so this issue has been with Face Contour now closed. Developed specifically for the face and neck Face Contour uses specific frequencies, which are particularly suitable for the treatment of this sensitive body zones. Be sure the check out the cost of a double chin surgery in Austin.

What applies to the resounding success of the MedContour device, of course, has for Face Contour validity. Also Face Contour uses focused ultrasound. Thanks to the special Vacuum technology sucks the patented handpiece of Face Contour the area of the focused area of the body so precisely that the focused ultrasound can specifically work in this area. Face Contour is particularly suitable for small and hard to reach Losing Neck Fatproblem areas.

In particular, Face Contour suitable for

  • Double chin
  • Puffiness
  • Fat deposits in the neck and facial area
  • Acne-like tissue

The operation of The Neck Doctor corresponds to the MedContour device.Ultrasound fat cells can destroy surrounding tissue and blood vessels are not affected by the treatment with Face Contour. In connection with a lymph drainage after each treatment and a matched 2 to 3 days diet, the liberated by treatment of fat is metabolized and degraded remaining cell fragments in natural metabolic processes.

In addition, after the fat reduction in the neck and face sagging skin and slackened tissues with 

Face Contour skin and tissue tightening


The treatment consists of a series of 4-6 applications double chin treatment usually 8-10 applications.

The method is non-invasive (no surgery), the treatment is of a

trained Lipologin


The advantages over surgery :

  • no surgical risk
  • no anesthesia
  • no scars
  • no swelling and bruising
  • no brace
  • no monte long recovery process
  • no closed season after treatment

You will get a free no-obligation initial consultation about your options, finally sustained proceed with Face Contour against unwanted fat deposits in the neck and face area. For other information, check out this wiki page.